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Farming Outside the European Union EAF Annual Meeting 2003 in Norway

The Club European Arable Farmers (EAF) will perform its Annual Meeting in Hamar near Oslo from 12 until 15 June 2003. The meeting will start with a conference on Thursday afternoon, where information on arable farming, the Farmers Co-operative and the Extension Service will be presented.  (provisional programme)

On Friday and Saturday the participants will visit the Norwegian Crop Research Institute and some farms, including the Norwegian Government Farm as well as factories like Kraft Maarud, the largest chips producer in Norway. Topics like cereals and potato production, seed production, marketing of cereals and forestry, chicken and poultry management will be discussed.

Farming in Norway means farming under difficult conditions. The biggest length of the country is longer than the distance between Oslo and Rome. The aim of the Agricultural Policy for 80 000 farmers on 1 Mio ha is to reduce subsidies by promoting efficient crop management techniques and to maintain the multifunctional character

100 farmers from 13 countries belong to the Club. They are most interested in exchanging experiences  and information amongst crop growers by visiting foreign countries in order to improve production, quality and marketing of their own produce.
The meeting is open to guests. There will be no interpreting services, so knowledge of English is an important presumption.

Further information is available from
EAF c/o DLG,
Eschborner Landstr. 122,
D?60489 Frankfurt/ am Main,
phone 00 49/69/24 78 83 13,
fax 00 49/ 69/24 78 81 14