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European Arable Farmers - Annual Meeting 2005

Programme (Alterations reserved)

From 13:00|Arrival at Munkebjerg Hotel
14.00 Precisely|<strong>Mr. Torben Møller</strong>

On numerous requests frorn members of the European Arable Farmers we have been able to persuade the internationally renowned adviser on cultivation of plants, Mr. Torben Møller to come. He is not going to make a lecture, but he will discuss the premises for the cultivation of plants in Europe, Scandinavia and Denmark.
15.00 |<strong>Estate owner Mr. Benny Kirkebaekke</strong>

Estate owner Mr. Benny Kirkebeeke Christensen is a very successful cultivator of plants, who has gathered his estate through his efficiency. He is the chairman of DLF-Trifolium, which is the largest grass seed Company in the world. Every fifth sack of seed in the world comes from DLF-Trifolium. Under his management, the turnover has doubled from DKK 1 billion (€ 135) to DKK 2 billion (€ 270). Mr. Benny Kirkebaekke Christensen will explain the development and the objective of the Company, as well as give an idea of the grass seed production worldwide.
16.15|Managing Director Mr. Asbjøm Bøtsting will be the other first Speaker at the meeting. Mr. Asbjøm Bøtsting has advanced from a post as managing director in Landbrugsradet" (Danish Agricultural Council) to the managing director for "Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab" (DLG) (Danish Cooperative Farm Supply).

Under his management, the Company has multiplied its turnover and is now totally dominant in Denmark, Mr. Asbjøm Bøtsting has also managed to expand the Company to other countries such as Poland, Germany and Sweden. Besides this, DLG has interests in just about all types of production with relation to agriculture. Among others the machinery trade, potatoes, rape and peas etc. Mr. Asbjøm Bøtsting will also explain the development of the Company and give an idea of the development within the feeding stuffs business.
17.30|<strong>End</strong> of programme
19.00|Dinner at Munkebjerg Hotel
08.30|<strong>Departure</strong> from the hotel

We shall <strong>visit Sejet Planteforaedling</strong> (Processing of Plant) - the manager will show us the place. Sejet Planteforaedling is owned by DLG and Carlsberg. Departure at 10.00.

Julianelyst owned by the family Koed-Jørgensen - the estate covers a total of 400 hectare including woods. They are cultivating plants, wheat and are occupied with the rent of houses and hunting. The ladies will have the opportunity to see the main building, guided tour by Mrs. Lisbeth Koed-Jørgensen. Departure at 12.45
13.00|<strong>Lunch</strong> at Ejer Baunehøj, the highest point of Denmark. Departure at 14.15
14.30|Aakaer Gods is owned by the family Koed-Jørgensen, the estate covers a total of 1240 hectare including woods. They are cultivating plants, wheat, a bit of rye and rape, and are occupied with forest business and the rent of houses and hunting. The ladies will see the castle as well as a new main building, built next to the sea. The guided tour will also here be perfomed by Mrs. Lisbeth Koed-Jørgensen.

Mr. Peter Koed-Jørgensen, 27 years, will explain about his farm of 150 hectare. Peter has recently started his farm. Departure at 17.00.
19.00|<strong>Dinner</strong> at Munkebjerg Hotel.
08:00|<strong>Departure</strong> from the hotel.
10.30|<strong>Visit at the estate of Mr. Flemming Fuglede Jørgensen, Borupgaard</strong>. Here the ladies will meet Mrs. Annette Fuglede Jørgensen. Departure at 12.00
12.30|<strong>Lunch</strong> at "Den gamle smedje Børglum Kloster", Departure at 13.00.
13.00|<strong>Børglum Kloster (Convent)</strong>

Is owned by the family Rottbøll. Mrs. Anne Rottbøll will show the castle, the church etc, to the ladies. The bus then drives along the beach, so that you will see the beautiful view of the West Coast of Jutland. Departure at 15.00.
15.30|Ny Vra,, owned by the family Bak, as well as eight wind mills. Departure at 16.30
20.00|<strong>Dinner</strong> at Munkebjerg Hotel.
|We are leaving the hotel next morning after breakfast.

We would appreciate it if you would follow the entire Programme, if at all possible. We have kept the evenings free, since we Danes believe that the personal contact is very important - we are going to nurse the personal contacts on these free nights.

Technical Information

<strong>Prices</strong>|(including overnight stay from Thursday to Sunday, meals, transport on Friday and Saturday)
<strong>Registration</strong>|Please directly register not later than May 1, 2005 preferably by mail or alternatively by
fax ++45 75 72 08 86 Att. Anita Hede