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EAF Country Report from Austria - November 2003

written by Hans Jörg Damm,  Member



Dear members,
here are some informations from Lower Austria:

Prices for premium winterwheat in Austria (15 % protein +) started with 135.- €/ton and went up very quickly to 145.- to 150.-€/ton (middle of September, mainly for the Italian market). But then the Italians bought a lot of wheat from the North American market and the prices in Austria decreased to 140.- to 143.- €/ton. At the moment it seems that 145.-€/ton are again reachable. 

Other prices at the end of October:

feeding barley 120.- to 123.-€/ton
brewing barley 132.- to 134.-€/ton
durum 185.- to 190.- €/ton
corn 140.-€/ton

All prices excluding VAT, off farm.

Due to very dry conditions we have problems with the germination of oilseed rape. At the moment it is not clear, if the rape will survive the winter.

From January to the end of October 2003 we had only 235 mm (!!) of rainfall in our area.   

Best greetings,
Hans Jörg Damm
Stiftung Fürst Liechtenstein