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EAF Country Report from Austria - November 2003

written by Søren Ilsøe, EAF member



Here in Denmark everybody remember the 2001 harvest and takes no chances! The last 3 days we have had rather nice weather. No rain, but sometimes rather cloudy.

My grass sead was very fine. Red Fescue, Tall-fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass was 25-30% better than expected, and it is the highlight of my harvest.

Winter oilseed rape was a totally failure! I should have swathed it, because we got some heavy storms and rain, and a lot of seeds was lost! The resultat was very bad - 2500 kg/ha.

Generelly oilseed rape has been very dissapointing here. I saw some trials with some varietys yielding only 2300 kg/ha, and others is at 3600 kg/ha - but all too little. You can follow the link where there is some resultats (some shows only the varietys compared to the standard variety=100). (Vinterraps=oilseed rape, vinterhvede=winterwheat, vinterbyg=winterbarley).

So far - the farmers magazine had on the frontpage friday: "Harvest record is cancelled". Malting spring barley gives dissapointing results many places - from 5-15% below normal yield. Have not heard about quality and protein yet. They also mentioned that winterwheat gives some dissapointments many places.

I saw some trials with 7,6-8,3 tons/ha. This would normally be 9-10 tons.

August 1. I got the first test from the Hereward breadwheat, and it was send to the lab to be analyzed for Hagberg value. It was 294, and it has to be at least 275 in my contract production. I took the decision,. that wheat should have the first priority, and the spring barley must have to wait. If the weather should be fine, the peas should be harvested if possible.

We started in the wheat august 5. August 8 we switched to the Javlo Peas - wich was VERY low, only 10 cm. August 9 gave some trouble weather with a little rain. Finished peas august 10. It was very riscy, because I have drilled Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall-fescue grass seed in it togehter with the peas. The straw from the peas is chopped and then the grassseed will be harvested 2003 - so because of that, it was very green.

Continued with the wheat. The weather report said rain this night. at 23.05 o'clock the combine took the last wheat - and then it started raining!! Am I a happy farmer! 3-4 days more with rain would have been very destroying to the hagberg value. I think breadmaking wheat will be valuable later on.

Now I only have spring barley left - it has been sprayed with 0,2 liter Cerone, so it helps it from going down.

Farmer prices has been very low here in harvest. All farmers save all they can in stock to wait and hope for better prices.

Some was offered 79,4 Euro/t ! Malting spring barley is payed with 99,5 euro/t - 107,67 Euro/t.

Some farmer advisers have informed, that EU has lovered the import taxes from east and gives no/very few export licenses, because the world marked prices is rising because of weather problems in Canada, Australia and USA. Thats is really frustrating, that we have got these low prices because of import fra Ukraine, and then, when the world market prices goes up, we will not get the benefit of the rising prices!!!!
Well - it is late - 01,28 - good night from here. Especially to all of you I was together with in Edingburgh. It was a very nice trip!